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Sunday, April 10, 2011 @ ALL THE BEST SENIOR HIGH!!
Hello Senior High!! (:

YPS(SSSS) here, wanna wish you guys all the best for SYF (junior college level)'2011! (:

Know you guys have long hours of full bands etc, but really jiayou!! remember after all these tough full bands, you will play extremely well for syf :D do have a healthy lifestyle and sleep early (lol, but i dont sleep early de :S, but still, you all older so must sleep more :D - a bit nonsense but heck care :x)

Heard you guys on saturday (lol, i felt extra when i went in w thiri, she wanted to hear how her senior plays etc) sounds very nice :D

DHSSB (JH) Clarinets are on your back :D
Bonne Chance! Bon Courage!! (:

J'aime la clarinette (:


I cant think of other sentence other than dhssb clarinets rock :O

ANW, after all many long hours of practice and rehearsal,

DHSSB (JUNIOR HIGH) has attained GOLD for the recent SYF'2011!

pieces played: Two Symphonic Movements by Vaclav Nelhybel and The Singapore Flyer by Satoshi Yagisawa [heh, i write in case 20years down the road i read this blog & i forgot the pieces we've played for SYF]

Congratulations to DHSSB JH!! :D yay!!

I have to say, clarinets (junior high) has bonded so much (i dont care the definition of terence's bonded section means). I have to admit, half a year ago, i had difficulties trying to convey my thinkings to clarinet section about working hard etc.

I remembered, the long hours of long notes, foundation killed a lot of people and that 5minutes of break isnt enough actually. but our section's tone now is so so much better :D and so much more in tune! :)

Now, i have a son and daughter :D hahahaha, never imagine myself to have kids in clarinet sections half a year ago. Remember in November, everyone just leave after band with their own friends, and now. we go to circle line as a section. WOW, thats a big change.

Lol, now no one mention anything and everyone just come for afternoon practices :D so glad (:

Idk when the time when we suddenly started walking together as a section. but indeed this means something. i really cherish the -idk whats the word- feeling in the section. family i guess? :)

I really want to say, i love clarinets (:

Though syf is now over, may we continue to stick to each other and work hard for rhythm!! :)

my last rhythm as JH member.

lol, seriously time flies. a few days ago, i went to search for saga scores 'cos thought we are playing it for taiyo, i found overture no.1 and 2. wow, they already turned yellowish.

i remember following alissa in 2nd stands, and she's the one who always tell me whether im sharp or flat and how to blend in etc.

now, i already the SL of clarinet section -.- and have no one to depend on for tuning :O

i(i think can write as "we" yeah?) wanna make this last rhythm the best rhythm ever, jiayou!!

Rhythm - 28 May 2011, counting down, 48 more days! and we have no idea what we're really playing for it. lol :S

Clarinet (section / instrument) holds a very important place in my heart x3


Sunday, January 16, 2011 @ Changes in SP!
Sorry changes!

School has been busy lately!! & Tests are coming up (esp for Year 4s!) yup, everyone jiayou! (: eat sleep tsm :D

Changes in Band:
Saturday practices will start 6 weeks before SYF.

Hence, we've decided to have SP on saturday mornings! the day when most people are free (:

Below are the dates:
January: 15, 22, 29
February: 12, 19

Time: 8.30 ~ 12.30pm

Will have section lunch after that (:

* will have SP when there's saturday full band practices. To be confirmed!


Monday, January 10, 2011 @ Updates!
Hmmm, since Lester said that he has been checking this blog everyday to check whether there's any updates, there it is (:

What we've done for the past 2 months plus (:
- We had intensive band practices during nov (7 in total)
- We had 7 extra SPs during the blocked period
- We had 2 combined woodwinds & 1 full band on the week before band camp
- We had band camp from tuesday to friday
- We had concert @ Ngee Ann City on 18 Dec 2010
- We had concert @ SCH w YCK on 27 Dec 2010
- We had concert @ school performing arts centre on 30 Dec 2010
- We had concert @ SCH w SWO on 2 Jan 2011
- We played Singapore Flyer & Stand by Me during the CCA exhibition for Year 1s

Upcoming stuff (:
- Do up tuning chart by Friday
- Marching (aim to finish by next week sat)
- Tons of SP!
- Thursday morning practices (from 7.45; tune up before that)
- Saturday half day practices

Proposed SP dates/days!
Week 2: 11/1 (tue) & 13/1 (thu)
Week 3: 18/1 (tue) & 20/1 (thu)
Week 4: 25/1 (tue) & 27/1 (thu)
Week 5: 1/2 (tue)
Week 6: 8/2 (tue) & 10/2 (thu)
Week 7: 15/2 (tue) & 17/2 (thu)
Week 8: 22/2 (tue) & 24/2 (thu)
Week 9: 1/3 (tue) & 3/3 (thu)
Week 10: 8/3 (tue) & 10/3 (thu)
- band camp (14 ~ 17 Mar) -
Week 1: 22/3 (tue) & 24/4 (thu)
Week 2: 29/3 (tue) & 31/3 (thu)

Tuesday: 400 ~ 530
Thursday: 330 ~ 500
*might have intersectionals

Hmmm, I know it looks super hiong.
We shall see what happens and change accordingly (:
But i have to say, let's put in our very best. Eat Sleep Drink BAND. k? We cant slack right now, esp when SYF is so near! Yup, actually we cant slack at all during band, no matter there's SYF a not. SYF is just a goal, but even w/o SYF our mindset is always to produce good music, play well as an individual, section & band! Hope you guys understand this point.


with love, YPSSSSS

Wednesday, December 29, 2010 @ Clarinet Chalet 2011!
HOHOHO! YPSSSSS here (: Below are the details of the clarinet chalet!

Date: 7 Jan 2011 ~ 9 Jan 2011

Venue: Costa Sands Resort Downtown East

Room Information: Deluxe Plus (1 Room)

Cost: $258

Please bring around.. $15 (includes bbq!)

More information to be given out SOON

Friday, December 24, 2010 @


Saturday, November 27, 2010 @ Changes for SP
Changes in the SP dates!

Week 5: 30 Nov (tue) & 2 Dec (thu) & 3 Dec (fri)
Week 6: 7 Dec (tue) & 9 Dec (thu)
Week 7: -Band Camp-
Week 8: 21 Dec (tue) & 23 Dec (thu) 20 Dec (mon) & 22 Dec (wed)
Week 9: 28 Dec (tue)

Important dates to note :)
18 dec - performance @ ngee ann city!
27 dec - invited to play @ SCH for YCK concert!
30 dec - sojourn iii @ DHS audi!
2 jan - invited to play @ SCH for SWO concert! :D

Let's have a section movie soon :D like next week or smth (: & go daiso @ vivo to buy stuff for section cupboard :D

PS: do remember to ask your friends to come for sojourn concert!! remember, there's smth like.. tickets though it is foc :)

ChunBok YingQing (2008)
ChenYing KaiLin Yuru (2009)
Lynn Terence Weijie(2010)

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Year 5
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Year 4
Bryan Patricia Peishan Terence

Year 3
Cheryl Frederick Rachel Yuanhui Yuanwen Yugin

Year 2
Chelsea JiaXin Lester Sharon Vina YuKun ZengHan
Year 1
Fengxuan Natalie Ryan Yuqi Yuting

You know you love our sound, xoxo.

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